2019 Maple Syrup Season Sap Data Review

2019 Maple Syrup Season Sap Data Review

Apr 13th 2019

2019 Maple Syrup Season First TapOne of the more interesting aspects of maple syrup production is taking a moment after the conclusion of the season to look at how well we did in the woods. Most people will immediately gravitate toward the amount of maple syrup that was produced. Personally, I like to look at the sap collection, because without sap, there is no maple syrup. It all starts in the woods.

Sap Collection

On March 10th, the process of tapping the sugarbush began and the 2019 season was off to roaring start. Below is a graph showing the daily collection of sap from the sugarbush. The data is collected using a homemade sensor that automatically logs to a cloud database. We are kind of data nerds. :)

As you can see in the graph, sap flow rates are highly variable. There are days where you might only collect a couple hundred gallons of sap, and then there are days where it shoots up 6 times that previous days total. It's very "spikey." Additionally, as the season progresses the flow rate trends downward due to a number of variables. Overall, this was a good season for sap flow.