Maple Syrup Grades (Historical)

Maple Syrup Grades (Historical)

Please note – This page is being presented to serve as a historical reference for the grading of maple syrup. New maple syrup grades have reached consensus between maple syrup producers in the United States and Canada.

Grade A  Light Amber

This grade features a very bright and delicate maple flavor. Typically this grade is produced from the first sap runs during the season when the maple sap content is high in sugar content and the ambient temperature is low.

Grade A Medium Amber

Building on Grade A Light Amber, this grade features a stronger maple flavor. With this grade your maple flavor begins to take on a flavor that features hints of vanilla.

Grade A Dark Amber

The flavor profile for this grade is the bold maple flavor, with a strong presence of caramel. This is a very common maple syrup grade produced during the season, and a perennial favorite among customers.

Grade B

This grade features a label that is unfortunate. Grade B maple syrup is any maple syrup that is darker than Grade A Dark Amber. This maple syrup features a very strong maple flavor. One of our favorite uses for this grade is on top of a big bowl of ice cream.